Introducing Avant-Guardian 2.0! It has been one year since our inaugural project Confessions converted audiences in Tampa Bay and Orlando, just a few months since SexXx Dreams firmly dug its stiletto heels in the St. Pete art scene, and, all year long, Coco & Homo have been bringing their unique blend of high-brow musical sensibilities and low-brow humor to consistently growing crowds. That these pipe dreams have become successful realities is a testament to the Tampa Bay community’s support for new and progressive artistic experiences. Because of this support, Avant-Guardian has been able to build a strong foundation in Year 1. We have been able to produce provocative and unique theatre and we are proud to have had the means to provide payment for our participating artists. Though Tampa Bay is not yet a region that can support many full-time artists, we are definitely taking steps in the right direction.

In Year 2, we hope to thrive. We hope to deliver on the community’s investment of goodwill. We have a sleek new website and look to further realize our transition from a vanity project to a professional agency. Our reboot will yield more projects, more collaboration, more blog articles, and more community interaction. Let’s see what this revolution can do in 365 days. Are you up for the challenge? We sure are!

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